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If you know me, you know I’m a pretty quiet person usually and don’t just volunteer whatever is happening in my head to whoever is around. You can mostly see some of my exploits on Instagram but that format only lends itself to visuals. I mostly lurk on Facebook and occasionally post things on Twitter. Anyway what I do is pretty much not really out there.

Last night it was birthday drinks for my friends Dory and Ali. Dory said she finds the stuff that I do share very interesting and that I should start a blog to just put all the stuff I do out in the world. Maybe someday I’ll be a tastemaker and it will generate revenue.

So why not?

I’m going to try and post something here every day starting today with a backlog of the week.

Status Update

I broke my knee on February 18th and just had to get surgery on it September 3rd. I have to keep it straight for 4 weeks which pretty much limits my mobility.


I’ve taken the opportunity to beat some old games that got put on hold.


The characters and story in this game make no sense and provide no believable motivations for their actions. The missions are mostly all the same and gameplay in general pretty boring. Drive to place, kill everyone, drive somewhere else, repeat.

Halo 4

Again, the story is very difficult to follow, makes no sense and forces the characters into extremely contrived interactions. The first 3 missions I played like a year ago and got extremely bored playing on the hard difficulty. I bumped it down to normal and the game became much more enjoyable. I was basically able to use whatever weapons and stupid strategy I wanted without getting stuck at checkpoints for hours. Some of those middle missions are a ton of fun like where you get to drive the tank and use the jetpack. I think Halo is at it’s most fun when you’re running through packs of enemies just swapping weapons with new ones whenever you run out of ammo, throwing all your grenades, and blasting everyone.


A lot of dopeass music came out this week and I also discovered some older stuff.

SBTRKT - Higher (feat. Raury)

I really dig the speed and ease of Raury’s flow on this track and the beats ain’t bad either.

Odesza - In Return

This album has been on repeat all week for me. It’s pretty peaceful, upbeat, and light.

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance EP

I don’t know what’s taking so long for their music to come to the US considering they’ve topped the charts all over the world. Found it this week and have had it on repeat alternating with Odesza.
apparently this is only on Rdio

dd elle - tell me

I really like dd elle’s use of bass frequencies. They must be difficult to use effectively because so much music ignores these sounds.


I published a program called inspier that generates quotes using a Markov Chain. In the repo I seeded the dataset with 2Chainz lyrics.