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Networking: Apple AirPort Extreme and Linksys WRT54GL

I’ve been trying to get these routers to talk to each other for a while. I have my desktop computer sitting on the other side of the WRT54GL so I need to use it as a wireless receiver. I’m using the generally awesome Tomato Firmware for the job but the settings should follow for any router in that family with any custom firmware. I searched the internet high and low on how to set this up with security and through much trial and error found a workable solution. I didn’t find it explicitly stated anywhere so I’m going to lay out my findings.

###The AirPort Extreme setup: - Wireless: create Wireless Network - Security: WPA/WPA2 Personal - Wireless Options: 2.4GHz Channel: Explicitly choose an unused 2.4GHz channel with as big a buffer as possible between the next active channels. Use a wireless survey tool to figure this out. - Take note of the DHCP Range in the Network tab (,, etc.)

###The WRT54GL setup (Basic -> Network):

That’s it. It took me a frustratingly long time to figure out that you have to use WPA Personal and TKIP so I hope this saves someone else some time.